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The Fitt Factory is an instructor led Fitness Centre located in the Spool Factory Co Working Hub and Event Centre in Boyle, Co. Roscommon.
The Fitt Factory is owned and operated by Boyle native Siobhan Perry (nee O’ Flaherty) who is well known in the fitness industry and is a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer.
Siobhan and her team are on hand to ensure you get the most from every class you undertake while at the same time ensuring you enjoy your workout.

This class is a whole body workout, delivering cardio, strength and flexibility benefits in a short class. Kettle bells come in a variety of sizes and weights, making this class scalable for anyone regardless of their fitness level.

Check our timetable to see when there is a Kettle Bell class that suits you               

Step Aerobics

This is a great class to get the heart rate up and the muscles moving.  Using a step to increase the intensity of the Aerobic session it’s a fun way to get fit and toned fast

Hiit Circuit

A fun way to get fit fast!

High Intensity Interval Training

Whether you opt for the Circuit or mix version, you’ll get a great work out in a short space of time in this class.

The short burst intervals of this class make it very doable for all levels and no two classes are the same.

Latin Vibes

Latin Vibes Dance Fit is a fun way to get fit for all ages. It uses dance and aerobic movements, set to energetic music, to get you moving and burning fat. It is low impact so its perfect for those who find regular classes hurt their knees/ankles/back.



Pilates is an exercise class designed for everybody. It utilizes controlled movements to aid with balance, body pain and core strength. When done correctly, it will feel like a full body workout rather than a “therapy”. 

We provide different Pilates classes for different abilities, contact us today to see what one is right for you.

Total Tone

Tone and strength from head to toe and everything in between.
Made up of weighted (dumbbells and kettlebells) and body weight exercises to give you a full body Tone and strength class.

This is a favorite at Fitt Factory!


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Always a bit nervous attending a workout by yourself and Siobhán made me feel so at ease. Very thorough in her guidance and very upbeat and the perfect soundtrack to flow with the class. Thanks Siobhán, I’ll be seeing you soon

- Aethel
Also just finished July boot amp and thrilled with my losses ( inch, weight and body fat) Hard work but so worth it. Siobhan has a great approach to motivation and fitness. Thanks a lot.

- Kay
Such a fantastic place Siobhan is totally motivating and encouraging, just finished the boot camp and so happy with results , hard work but such fun also . Would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get fit , and lose a little weight while having laugh along the way.


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